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Fantasy Mosaics 8

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1 Fantasy Mosaics 8 on Wed Apr 15, 2015 6:12 pm


Fantasy Mosaics 8

I LOVE the Fantasy Mosaics series and am on my 3rd profile and going through games 1 - 7 with my goal as a  "gold"  for every picture.  Not so easy and with a lot of repeats on some.  Now, we are up to No. 8 in the series (as indicated in the Game's title) when No. 7 couldn't have come out THAT long ago.  Ok by me .... I am over the moon that there's a new one.

The graphics are amazing.  Just gets better with each new game.   The music is quite different.   I suppose it may be meant to be soothing and relaxing but it made   me sleepy so I turned it down.   As usual, there's a storyline about our friendly penguin and his family.

Of course, it's all about filling in blocks with a "color" or an "x" when it's a blank block.  With the corresponding numbers around the "graph" it should be fairly easy to do.  NOT!

The DEVS have added another color so we have 4 to work with this time around.  YAY!  Colors ..... I see colors .....

There's a tutorial at the beginning which is helpful and a Casual or Advanced mode of difficulty.  Casual lets you repeat JUST a single 'picture'.    In Advanced you have to repeat the entire level.  Nothing is timed.

I recommend it for beginners to experts.  It's easily a standalone game, although I enjoy the continuing storyline throughout the series.  So, when it comes out on BFG it will be a DEFINITE purc
hase for me.

Come along and join me in the latest journey of our Penguin and his family.


Overall Impression:  Enjoyable storyline and for those who like (love like me? ) this type of gamel I would STRONGLY recommend at least playing the demo.  Definitely worth at least a PCC on Double Punch Monday at BFG.


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