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Queen's Garden 2

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1 Queen's Garden 2 on Mon Apr 06, 2015 11:44 am


Queen's Garden 2

I LOVE Match 3 games, especially if there is a storyline or a purpose, such as building a city or updating a home, etc.  This game has such potential but there were just too many "hmmm" moments.

The music was nice.  In fact, I was surprised when I turned it down that I actually missed it!  The sound effects weren't annoying either.  So, it all balanced out fairly well.  There are no voice overs, you have to read everything, which can be "taxing" on old eyes - lol.

There is nothing to break up the monotony of playing this match 3 game such is hidden object, solitaire, anything!

The gist of the game is very much like Queen's Garden, the original, except for all the "hmmm" moments.  The goal is to earn coins by making matches.  Ok.  You get bonuses for making matches of 3 or more .... such as bombs, etc.  Ok.  But, IMO, the obstacles came out much too soon, making each level not only super difficult to pass ..... but super boring as well because of the time it took.

I played approximately 20 levels during the demo hour.  According to the game, quite a few flowers, bushes, trees, etc. SHOULD have been available to me for purchase (as objects become available as levels increase, or open) but nothing more opened than what I began with - 2 bushes.  I was high in "level", had a ton of coins and collected gems as well ..... so, why weren't the levels making things available to me?

This Garden was much worse in game play than the original Queen's Garden and for all the reasons stated above and more and would NEVER recommend this game to anyone.  I don't know if these are glitches/bugs that need fixing or what but I was glad the demo was over and would NEVER play this game, even for free.

For those who like this type of game, try the original Queen's Garden ..... I think you'll find building it much more appreciated by THAT Queen.

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