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Easter Riddles

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1 Easter Riddles on Mon Apr 06, 2015 10:15 am


Easter Riddles

The Riddle is in the Picture.

And that's NOT a good thing.

I LOVE "riddles", "griddlers" "mosaics" or any other kind of game in this genre.  This one was sooooo boring I barely made it through the hour.

The music wasn't very "Easter-y".  The sound effects. OMGosh!  The NOISE (not 'sound') made when you entered an "x" in a box was very grating on the ears.  Worse than nails across a chalk board.  EEEK!  My poor ears!!!!!

The gist of the game is the same as others of this type.  Using numbers surrounding a grid, or graph, you fill in blank spaces with a block ..... or "x" if it's not being used by a block.  When finished ..... you SHOULD have created a picture ..... which is what makes it all worthwhile.  NOT in this game.

What I Disliked:
The noise when I placed an "x" in a block.
No option for unused blocks to automatically fill in when all "x"s and blocks are filled.
When finished ....... what the heck did I just create?  No picture that I could tell in the 16 levels I played ..... couldn't figure out what ONE of them was. lol   So why play?????

What I Liked:
That the demo finished.  Whew!

For ALL the reasons given above, and many more, I dislike this game and do not recommend it for anyone.  NOT for beginners AT ALL.  Experts will be bored wondering what they've created .... because the picture isn't on the screen long enough to figure out.

The only "riddle" I could find in this game was ..... what picture did I just create????

Overall Impression:  If you can figure out what the pictures are ...... I'll kiss your _______ (dirty mind - lol)!


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