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Delicious: Emily's Wonder Wedding!

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1 Delicious: Emily's Wonder Wedding! on Tue Mar 31, 2015 1:45 am


Maybe it's because I've never played any "Emily" games before, but this game was a real test of patience for me ..... and I have NO patience!

In this part of the game series, Emily is about to meet her in-laws and she is definitely nervous - lol.

The graphics were pretty good.  The sound (which was suggested to be on) were so loud I had to turn my volume waaaaay down.  There was also no voice over that I could tell.  I LOT of reading though and I dislike games like those.

Most of the info I got about the game was looking at the series of pictures in her photo album.  So, I almost didn't need to play the game to figure out what was happening - lol.

A flower shop?  A restaurant?  Which?  Or both?  THAT was a genuine surprise for mel  I may have been able to handle ONE TM game but 2 in 1???? Not a chance.

This game was one shocking surprise after another for me and so I choose not to purchase it as I'd never get anywhere.  Such a shame as I was looking forward to it.

To those who enjoy the game ..... ENJOY!


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