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The Travels of Marco Polo

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1 The Travels of Marco Polo on Tue Mar 31, 2015 12:30 am


The Travels of Marco Polo

There definitely wasn't much of a travelogue, mystery or anything else straight from the beginning of this mess of a game.

The graphics were ok ..... at best. There was no real music .... or perhaps it was drowned out by all the sound fx ..... so many birds. I realize it was the docks but seriously???? It sounded like a bird convention and they were all "talking" at once!

 There was no tutorial even though I chose to use one. The puzzles i came across had no real instructions which kept me in the dark. There were also no difficulty levels and "options" consisted of changing the sound of everything, and not individually either.

The storyline was weak. There was no way to play the game. When I finally figured out how to pick up items and that I was supposed to look for them in specific areas, I couldn't figure out how to use most of the items in my Inventory. For instance, I used the "bailer" on the water in the little skiff but after 10 minutes .... not a drop seemed to have left the boat.

 I wouldn't recommend this for beginners. Experts? Maybe. It's a shame because following the adventures of Marco Polo would have/could have been a great game.

For the above reasons and many more, this is not a purchase for me. I do not recommend it to anyone. This was a brainteaser from the very beginning.

Overall Impression:


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