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Treasures of Rome

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1 Treasures of Rome on Mon Mar 30, 2015 10:00 pm


Treasures of Rome

I love a good Match 3 (M3) game ....... I love a game with entertainment value. I got none of this with this game.

The graphics were ok. Clearly, there were swords, etc. from the Old Roman Empire age. The music was on a short loop and made me so annoyed I had to turn it down. The sound fx were great though.

Of course, there is a story line but it's soooooooooo  involved in the beginning it literally put me to sleep! Perhaps if there had been a voice over instead of having to READ everything it would have been better.

This is a typical match 3 game ..... match 3 or more to get a lightning bolt or fiery sword. Or, you can buy other bonuses with the money you earn during the game. But, I didn't need any of the extra bonuses ..... at ...... all. And, there were the typical items to keep you from getting matches such as chains and ice. 

This was such a boring game for me that I don't recommend it to anyone. Not a purchase for me. In fact, I found more treasure in my jewelry box.

Overall Impression: 


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