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Conga Bugs

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1 Conga Bugs on Wed Mar 25, 2015 2:17 pm


Conga Bugs

Marble Popper games can be fun, but this game has so much going on, and nothing really "complete" that it loses the massive entertainment potential it could have.

The graphics are ..... ok.  You're supposed to shoot (grab and place) the "bugs" in the "conga line" and make matches of 3 or more.  The problem I had was that it didn't seem to matter if there was only 1 "bug" or "portion" of a bug.  If I placed the correct color in that part of the conga line ..... it destroyed the bugs.  Very confusing.

I can't comment on music or sound fx because I had that all turned off (ear ache).

The storyline is cute as are the cartoon-like pictures that go along with it.  Basically, all the bugs (and more bugs than you can imagine) in your world (house, outside, etc.) get together at night and have a dancing party ..... because bugs like to dance.  Max, the main bug (?), tries to get them into a conga line to control them.  Thus, you have the "conveyor belt" type of moving line .... or the "conga line".

There are bonuses you can get during the game play, but I don't understand what some of them do.

I love marble popper games but this one was a real dud for me and I couldn't wait for it to end ...... it was THAT boring.

For these reasons, and more, I will not be purchasing this game.  I think it would be ok for beginners but anyone with more expertise would be completely bored and/or confused.

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