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Lucky Luke: Shoot and Hit

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1 Lucky Luke: Shoot and Hit on Tue Mar 17, 2015 10:34 pm


Lucky Luke:  Shoot and Hit (not on BFG)

I had the opportunity to play this game on another site besides BFG.  I was not impressed. 22:31:51 Apparently, it wasn't that impressed with itself because sound effects and music were "off" in options - lol.

So, the graphics were .... ok.  The sound ..... couldn't tell you as I was half-watching t.v. (sorry, it was a good show -    All you have to do is shoot the cans down ...... with none left standing ..... in each level.    Sounds fairly easy, doesn't it?  Unfortunately, it's definitely NOT easy at all as you level up and you level up pretty quickly.  So, the need to use your power ups or bonuses to  get past a level is extremely important.  Use thoses bonuses you get wisely, because the game changes as you go on.

For these reasons, and more, this won't be a purchase for me.  I wouldn't recommend it beginners either.  However, if you think you CAN get all those cans down, go for it!  Me?  I'll sit back and just watch the show!



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