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Gardens Inc. 3 - Bridal Pursuit

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1Gardens Inc. 3 - Bridal Pursuit Empty Gardens Inc. 3 - Bridal Pursuit on Mon Mar 09, 2015 1:10 pm


Gardens, Inc. 3 - Bridal Pursuit

I usually don't play Time Management Games, but I not only did the beta on this but played the SE AND the CE versions.  They were all.....fun.Gardens Inc. 3 - Bridal Pursuit Straight-face

The graphics were great.  Gardens Inc. 3 - Bridal Pursuit StarsYou can see all the wood, bricks, water, etc.  I only wish they were a bit ...... larger ..... for those of us with older eyesGardens Inc. 3 - Bridal Pursuit Nerd - smile.  I can't comment on the music or sound fxGardens Inc. 3 - Bridal Pursuit Music as I kept them turned down.

There are NO difficulty choices. Gardens Inc. 3 - Bridal Pursuit Sad I would have liked to see a "relaxed" mode because I play to "de-stress" and not BE stressed.Gardens Inc. 3 - Bridal Pursuit Loser

The gist of the game is the same old, same old.  Gardens Inc. 3 - Bridal Pursuit Straight-faceGo around, getting jobs to clean up messes, pick up wood, rocks, seeds and water.  The only thing different is the storyline and that as you earn money, you build your dream home .... or wedding venue ..... I was never quite sure.Gardens Inc. 3 - Bridal Pursuit Confused

I enjoy "build it" type games Gardens Inc. 3 - Bridal Pursuit Smilebut THIS game has gone as far as it can, IMO.  Find something different.  I don't want to be a worker bee forever.  Gardens Inc. 3 - Bridal Pursuit Angry

For those who love this series, give it a try .... the story may be a bit different .... but the game play is same old .... same old.
Gardens Inc. 3 - Bridal Pursuit Straight-face Gardens Inc. 3 - Bridal Pursuit Yawn


Overall Impression:  A lot more of the same old game in the series.  Definitely not for me but give it a try if you like this type of game.  It does seem to take a LOT of time to earn enough money to work on the wedding venue or dream home or whatever it is.  Re the CE????  I finished the demo with 42 minutes to spare and the only thing I could tell is there are more levels (?).  No thanks for me.


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