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Hello and Welcome BOOMZAP!

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1 Hello and Welcome BOOMZAP! on Sat Mar 07, 2015 7:33 pm


We could not be more excited to add this DEV to our growing list of those who will post onto our site.  Let's give them all a warm welcome!

Hello Boomzap fans! Happy Lunar New Year!
We're celebrating the Year of the Goat with a brand new release.... featuring a goat!

Pocket Ages is a beautifully presented town-building and trading game spanning multiple eras! Start in the stone-age and gather resources, grow your village, unlock more crafting skills, trade your wares and play your way through the ages!

- Advance your civilization through four eras: Prehistoric, Ancient, Classical, and Medieval!
- Dozens of interesting items to gather and craft!
- Construct more sophisticated buildings as your technology advances!
- Guide your villagers as they change from primitive wanderers to civilized citizens!
- Follow your own path, or undertake tasks that will be given to you by characters you meet!
- Growing crops and raising animals are part of the fun!

It's available worldwide on the iTunes App Store, so download now on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

Thank you!


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