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Mahjong Gold 2: Pirates Island

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1 Mahjong Gold 2: Pirates Island on Tue Feb 17, 2015 9:10 am


Mahjong Gold 2:  Pirates Island

Love Love Love Love Mahjong games!  I own quite a few, in fact, from BFG, and this one has some entertaining aspects that made it worthy of a good play.

No storyline that I could tell.  Just great pirate graphics, including the "tiles" of the Mahjong pieces.  You could choose the regular tiles OR something more ..... pirate-like - lol.  The music was also very piratey.  Sound effects were also well-done.

No mini games or anything in between levels to break up the game play but that really wasn't necessary in THIS game.  In order to "pass" a level and get 3 gold stars you have to accomplish 3 tasks per level/game.  Those include collect "x" number of "special" tiles, getting a specific score (or better than THAT score) and ..... something else - lol.

The game boards were done in very nice pictures .... a ship, etc.  I really liked that.  Although I DISLIKE, extremely, having to compete with myself to get 3 stars and meet each level requirement, I did thoroughly enjoy the game play.

As much as I LOVE anything to do with pirates .... and this game was ALL about pirate themes, I don't think it will be a purchase for me.  All that "getting 1, 2 or 3" gold stars, meeting level expectations, etc. just kind of ... irks me - lol.  Although, I guess it does make the game more interesting?

I DO recommend it for everyone, although beginners to this type of game may find the tutorial confusing because it really doesn't explain much ..... nor even very well.

Will you exceed the Pirate expectations and get all gold stars or will you be walking the plank?  Find out in this adventurous demo.


Overall Impression:  Give it a try.  All that "get 3 gold stars" to be a success just doesn't do
it for me.  (OCD ).


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