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1 Aquaball on Mon Feb 16, 2015 11:01 am



A new, exciting and innovative take on the "brick" breaking game by being played ..... under the sea ..... but that's not ALL the differences.

No storyline ..... that might have added a nice touch to the game.

The graphics were good - not amazing - but good.  You could certainly tell a barrel or chest from a starfish. lol   I tuned the music down so I can't comment on that but the sound effects were ok and nothing intrusive or annoying.

No mini games or anything between levels or groups of 5 levels.  Just solid and continuous "brick"breaking.  Oh, by the way, there ARE 150 levels , grouped by 5 levels each.  Don't know what that means or why it was done that way ... but ... there you go.  

There are several modes of play.  I played "relaxed".  You have the option to change the speed of your ball, which I found quite helpful.

First, imagine "Smash Ball" if you've played it.  The bonuses and disadvantages are the same.  The "identical" parts of the game end there.  

This game field is NOT square but more oval with a wide opening at the bottom.  The background is deep blue sea.  The items you destroy range from starfish, a turtle or two but mostly treasure chests and barrels.  NOT a  lot of "deep sea life" such as fish, crabs, lobsters, etc.  Maybe in the higher levels.

I found it difficult to manage the paddle to begin with but after losing my life several times I finally made it to level 7 .... thank goodness for the bonus of an extra life - lol.  My main problem seemed to be not being able to always distinguish my ball from falling objects and in the ensuing melee would inevitably .... lose a life.  So sad.

While I did enjoy this game thoroughly, as I write this review, I find that I will most likely not purchase it.  Fun, innovative and entertaining but I own several brick breaking games that I prefer much more.  Maybe if there had been more "sea life".  I don't know.

I highly recommend this for everyone as the options can change to any difficulty .... relaxed or not and the deep blue sea background is relaxing.


Overall Impression:  Fun, innovative and relaxing if played on "relaxed" mode.  But, not a lot of sea life which I DID expect.  Little Mermaid Under the Sea it is not.


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