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Escape from Lost Island

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1 Escape from Lost Island on Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:25 am


Escape from Lost Island

The storyline very basic.  Your on a cruise ship when it catches fire.  You need to get OUT of your cabin (NOT an easy task) .....only to find the ship is on fire .... which YOU apparently need to put out ...... everyone's gone already ...... but you need to get the last lifeboat into the water (NOT an easy task) ..... and it just continues from there.

The graphics were not great.  At times, the background was so dark the objects were difficult to find without using the "help/hint" button.  I muted the music so I can't comment on that.  No voice overs at all but a LOT of reading.  Without the music, it made it very tiring to play.  In fact, I found myself falling asleep - lol.

There is NO tutorial.  NO difficulty modes.  No .... anything.

The object of the game is basically to find objects.  For instance, you begin in your cabin when you realize you need to evacuate the ship.  In order to do so, you must find a sheer PLETHORA of objects.  On the bottom of the screen are 5 circles.  Click on one of these small circles and a larger circle will appear on the screen with several objects around it.  You need to find THOSE objects.  Finish THAT large circle, click on the next smaller one on the bottom of the screen and complete the process again .... and again .... and again - 5x ..... in every scene.  It gets .... boring ..... fast.  Especially since there's NO color, whatsoever, in those circles of objects you need to find.

You progress to the outside of the cabin to find the ship on the fire and repeat the above process.  Repeat the process again when you find the lifeboat and again when you reach the island and again and again and again.  Boring.

This game is NOT entertaining at all.  The mini games appear after each "level".  A "level" consists of completing a scene/room by finding everything in a "circle" 5x.  Boring.  But, the mini games were fun, innovative and sometimes required patience and perseverance.  Definitely the best part of this game.

Because of the non-entertainment value of the game.  The boring storyline.  The boring game.  This will NOT be a purchase for me.

I recommend it for anyone to try.  It's just not MY cup of tea.


Overall Impression:  Try it.  If you like finding hidden objects without much of a storyline and lots of gray color ... this might be the game for you.


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