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Stranded in Time

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1 Stranded in Time on Mon Feb 16, 2015 9:30 am


Stranded in Time

Wow!  I was so surprised at just how awful this game was with all the amazing games that have recently come out.

I cannot even begin to describe the storyline because there really wasn't one that I could put my finger on.  Disappointing.

The graphics were good but, in the options I muted the music but not any other sounds.  So, while I can't comment on the music I CAN say that there we NO voice overs, no sound effects.  NOTHING!  A LOT of reading but that's all.  It was incredibly strange.

There was NO tutorial so going into the game I had no clue what I was doing!  There was a house, a van, a backpack.  Ok.  Now what?????  Just incredible.  I finally figured out that it was just point and click ..... everywhere.

It appeared that there was possibly a lost civilization .... possibly aliens and possibly a budding love match???  Confusing.

I didn't get the story (what little to none that there was not of), what I was supposed to do and what anything had to do with .... anything else.  And, what did all of this ..... whatever ..... have to do with the games title?  

For all of the above reasons, this is not a purchase for me nor will I recommend it to anyone.  It's definitely not cohesive .... nor does it flow anywhere.  Very confusing and disappointing.

Overall Impression :     'nuff said.


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