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Dangerous Games: Illusionst CE

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1 Dangerous Games: Illusionst CE on Sat Feb 14, 2015 2:25 pm


Dangerous Games:  Illusionist CE

A Ghost ...... or ..... an Illusion???

The storyline is definitely different than the usual drivel we've come to expect lately.  Sorry DEVS and those who have played great games .... this is the REAL first demo I've had time to play.

20 years ago, the Samuel-Taylor Hotel hosted the First Illusionist Championship.  Unfortunately, a HUGE fire destroyed the Hotel, killing only ONE person ..... the WINNER of the Championship.  Now, 20 years later, the 2nd Illusionist Championship is being  held in the same hotel  ..... newly refurbished and you've been personally invited to cover it.

The graphics are amazing.  All the little nuances of magic are clearly visible ...... when they are supposed to be .... lol.  The voice overs were good, as well.  The music was neither loud nor intrusive to the game play, which I appreciated.

There are 4 levels of difficulty, including "custom" - but READ each item to be "unchecked/checked" in this mode VERY carefully.  For instance, do you want a repeated click penalty?????

There is a transportable map, although the "hint" button will transport you as well.  You will ultimately find "truth" goggles which will reveal secrets passages and hidden tricks, but have never had a chance to be tried out ... by the inventor.

The HOGs (hidden object games) seem to be both silhouette AND quite interactive so they do keep you busy.  The mini games seemed to equal the HOGs, IMO, and did not seem overly difficult .... although some could take patience and perseverance.   Patience is NOT a virtue I possess - sigh.

Before the first contestant even has a chance to perform, the red-masked man (the "ghost"?) appears and .... chaos ensues!!!  The guests are even trapped by a now-bricked up exit!!!!  OH NO!!!!!

The game play has some interesting features.  For instance, you can interact/talk to characters who are NOT necessarily main characters in the game ... pretty cool.  You get to perform some magic tricks yourself - WAY COOL!  

Included in the CE Bling besides the Bonus Game are 20 Morphing Trick Cards .... not always easy to spot.  MORPHING CARDS!!!!   Ok ... I am ALMOST sold on getting the CE now - lol.  Oh, yeah, the usual wallpapers, music, etc. is also included with a strategy guide - those things just aren't important to .... moi.

Is this truly the work of an angry ghost? (Wouldn't that be a poltergeist?) or is it all something more sinister and all an illusion???  Or, perhaps even a combination of both???  I tend to over-think things.  lol

I highly recommend this for everyone ..... yes it is a fairly easy game .... but the entertainment value is PERFECT for any age or experience.

Join me in attempting to discover the TRUE magic behind the magician's illusions in this game.


Overall Impression:  I beta'd this game and really enjoyed it.  The magic we get to perform ourselves, as well as the magic going on throughout the demo, kept me interested AND entertained.  Although there were only 20 MORPHING cards to be found, it could indicate a short game.  I have to reserve my decision of SE vs CE for a later date.  But, it's definitely worth trying the demo.


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