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Runefell - a TGT

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1 Runefell - a TGT on Thu Feb 12, 2015 7:05 pm




Uh.  Do I like this game??? NO!   I LOVE IT!  lol

The storyline is exquisite!  Not just .... oh, here is a kingdom that was prosperous and went bad.  More .... so much more ..... so involved in what happened NOT just to Rivermoor.

The graphics are .... absolutely LOVELY!  I almost wish I were living in that beautiful little glade myself!  The music and sound effects were also ..... perfect!  The narrator .... OMGosh!  What CAN'T I say about the narrator.   A villager himself who speaks with true voice inflections and feeling.  Not too fast and not too slow .... he totally immerses you in the story.

There is a relaxed mode which I recommend to get the MOST out of the game play.  You get to choose among 3 cursors.  There is a tutorial during the game that is perfect as this is a "different" type of match 3 ... but in no way is it intrusive.

The game itself?  Where do I even begin?  Yes, it IS a   match 3 game .... but OH SO MUCH MORE!  It's a game board that moves as you play.  Make a match to the right, your game board will move with you.  Difficult to explain but oh so fun to play!

Make matches in the "grassy" areas to find things like a pickaxe so you can "use" it on the "rocky" area to take to yet another area.  Several areas have walls to knock down by making matches and breaking boxes to get to artifacts, runes, etc.  Then, find the exit????  

But, wait, there's MORE!   The matches you make earns you materials.  At the end of each level, use what you've earned in materials to help rebuild the little "Keep/Village".

Oh, there's MORE!  Make matches of 3 or more to gain bonuses and power ups!  Yes, a story, a building game, a type of hidden object game AND all built into a match 3 game!  Who could ever have dreamed this up!

I love match 3 games but it's hard to find one that's truly entertaining.  THIS game is not only entertaining but amusing and it keeps you engrossed in what's going to happen NEXT in the story ..... which YOU are a part of!

I had the opportunity to play this on another gaming site and couldn't WAIT for it to be released on BFG so I could purchase it.  NOW I CAN!!!!  I recommend this for everyone from beginners to experts.

Come join me in Rivermoor and Hollow's Keep and have fun rebuilding the town with amusing game play!


Overal Impression:  BUY BUY BUY~!!!!!!


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