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Legend of Maya

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1Legend of Maya Empty Legend of Maya on Thu Feb 12, 2015 7:03 pm


Legend of Maya

I LOVE match 3 games.  Legend of Maya HeartBut, having played so many, I want the match 3 games I play to be ...... a bit more entertaining than just making matches.Legend of Maya Straight-face

The graphics are awesome - there's no denying that.  Music and sound effects equally so.

There is a storyline ..... but it takes a very long time to get from one point of the story to another. Legend of Maya Thinking Makes it .... boring.Legend of Maya Yawn

I DO like the "caveman" era items that you have to match and there are bonuses for making matches of 3 or more.  Legend of Maya SmileHowever, as the levels DO get more and more difficult as you go on so DO use those bonuses.  The items you match earn you materials to built a village.  But, it seems to take FOREVER and A DAY to get enough to purchase anything.  Legend of Maya ConfusedAgain, making it ...... tedious.Legend of Maya Yawn

Why, then, do I find this such a ho-hum game?  Legend of Maya ConfusedThere were a few "hmmmm" moments.  Legend of Maya ThinkingFor instance, I played on "relaxed" mode (of the 3 available).  So, why then did I have to compete with myself for "fantastic - silver star" vs "perfect - gold star"?Legend of Maya Dizzy

With a lackluster storyline and tasks that took far too long to complete, this game is not entertaining, IMO.  Therefore, it will not be a purchase for me.  Legend of Maya SadNor do I recommend it for anyone other than beginners, as I believe those more experienced will find it tedious as well.

Please try the demo.  It just might be your ...... speed.

Legend of Maya Big-grin ENJOY!!

Overall impression?  Try the demo .... it was tooooooooooooooooo slow going for me.


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